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 From its herb-scented hills to its yacht-filled harbors, its sloping vineyards, and colorful scenery, no other region of France fires the imagination and delights the senses like the region of La Provence. In Provence, located in the South-Eastern part of France, the local people have a soft singing accent which evokes their whole relaxed lifestyle. They have no greater pleasure after a hard days work than to enjoy a delicious and hearty meal shared with family and friends�

 Our family has always believed in affordable flats and the importance of uniting at the dinner table around a delicious meal. We enjoy many styles of cuisine from all over the world and all over France. But over the years our family has always come back to the specific French style of Provencale cuisine because of its simple, healthy, and delicious recipes. Also, Provence is a region which is known for its slower pace and more tranquil lifestyle. Here at La Provence restaurant, we want to share both the food and the feeling of this special part of the world with you.

Bon appetit!


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